Oh yeah its good to be home…..so i thought if i get home i would have a little bit of rest but as usual my wonderful sister whom is fond of waking me up at 5am every morning…..i know she meant me well but some times i feel like breaking her head(lol) but she is a good sis though….back to my story of coming back home after my 6month experience at ebonyi state ” the Land of God” so it called but me i prefer to call it the land that is dry…i believe God made everything good and well but the people in this state lack anything good especially one village called EFFIUM….yh i know what your thing it has a calabar name but nope it isnt calabar it is ebonyi state……C’mon i’m still drifting away from my coming back home…….Ok lemme focus now *deep breath* well lemme start from my trip down to lasgidi the city of excellence….well i wake up as early as 5am left the village to the park having it in mind that i would leave ebonyi at least by 7am but na lie ooooh i didnt leave the park till 8am…ask me Y? well i would answer you cos  Igbo people like money too much….we waited still our bus was filled up and then we took off…The journey down was cool but one particular dude whom i sat with mehn made the journey so annoying cos he slept all the way and his head kept hitting me……i told him clear and loud that if i dont miss anybody in that bus i wont miss him cos he he a person to remember for his sleep(lol)….oh yh i remember now i didnt go to Lagos straight away i made a prep stop at my girlfriends place stayed there for 1week and den i left for lagos after we spent good time together….Well i got home and there it was my sister gave me  hug and told me she misses me blah blah……Lon story short im still home and they are making this house to boring for me i cant wait to go back to ebonyi (OMG i cant believe i said that……i would deny i ever said that)but atleast there is peace and nobody waking me up to do one chore or the other…..Would be off soon and im glad im going back to that dead place….It not that i am too fine or handsome like that(lol) but Jah has been faithful to me.i gave God all the glory but nonetheless i have missed my family so much though…..It is well